poetry: this apple

Hit the ground pretty hard
Rubbed my head, looked back up
You’re in the nest wondering what you did wrong and why
But just because I fell for a time doesn’t mean I don’t know how
To fly

Starving starving hungry
Your bemused expression in my mind
Haven’t caught a meal since I struck out from the pride
But on my own terms, with my own decisions to make and a future to find
I’ll survive

If apples don’t usually
Fall too far from the tree
Then better believe
This apple’s going to sea

I could let you lead if it weren’t against my nature
Not following your example doesn’t mean I hate you
But love you enough to live a life that’s sure to change you
For the better and the newer and transform in return
This apple grew legs and split the woods
With a spirit and a lesson to learn

Home could mean a dozen places
Parents look like a dozen faces
The dream is not the dream until it’s whichever I finally reach
It doesn’t have to be one life just because you only do it one time

Cliché as it may seem, it should mean as much to you as it does to me
This apple’s going to sea


original, heartfelt, copyrighted words
email brodiejpk@yahoo.com.au for permission to reuse, reprint, repost, or recontextualise, even if just out of respect


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