How many of you have that friend who you’re always up to be part of their projects, proof their work, feedback after feedback, network them, but every time you call, they don’t answer or hit you back? When you need a friend to pop around, they “just can’t, there’s a lot on right now”? Or when you ask if they’ve read your blog about the topic they’re so passionate about in their work, their response is “oh babe, I love you but TLDR”? How many of you need to send a passive-aggressive social media message to that individual? Well, by all means, use this at your convenience.

Now I’m more than aware that everyone is trying to climb somewhere. We’re millennials! And in lieu of distinct talents like singing, dancing, selfie art, street art or some freaky skill bound to get you in front of a panel of B-grade celebrity judges, most of us are pawning our very lives for sense of impact upon the world around us. Gone are the days you experience something particular and blog about it, now we’re just spreading our opinion around like herpes. I’m guilty. Speaking as a stereotypical Aquarian, I am zodiacally predisposed to avoid the path-most-travelled at all costs, to divert as often as possible from what everyone else is doing to forge my own understanding, my own journey. Some of which I’ve been fortunate enough to share here with you, the readers. Wait, how did I end up doing this? Writing more about life than living it, reporting it?

When you create only for yourself, it’s the end of relevance. When you create only for your audience, it’s the end of inspiration.

I’m not going to stop, fear not. I’m too engaged in wanting to make change in this world to go off the grid. Moreover, I find myself constantly torn between struggling with the apathy of society for the written word when accompanied by a confusion about why contemporary culture is so masturbatory: trend-focused unable to sustain, self-serving and superlative. How can I be surprised at the prospect of people voting in imbeciles to positions of incredible political power, or voting to collapse the economic status of their entire country when they can’t read more than 500 words in one sitting? From what I’ve come to understand in submitting my work to online publishing, the masses can’t read more than 200 without desperately needing a picture to sustain them! Even if the picture is an advertisement- am I on glue here?

How can we expect spelling, grammar, syntax and vernacular to advance when everything has to be bite-sized and lowest-common-denominator? Art-forms and entertainment are no longer expected to elevate the masses, but to distil them, and divide them between those who ‘get it’ and those who don’t. This is why I admire creatives like Tori Amos, Augusten Burroughs, Amanda Palmer, formative Sia, Stephen Fry, Heston Blumenthal, because they’re art is intellect, designed to draw everyone into deeper or further understandings of things. You don’t have to be a genius you just have to be willing.

Anyway I’m prattling on again. So in an effort to make my point succinct here are three pretty pictures to summarise how I intend to continue backing my creative community tirelessly, and to continue backing myself, changing my perspective from what I want to achieve to how I want to create by virtue of how I live. How I Man. 






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